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GradeCool Air-Condition Pte Ltd, our established expert team have been working with all top brands of air-condition in Singapore for nearly 20 years. Our Technician are well trained i this line for over 15 years. We pride ourselves in providing fast, professional services at competitive rates. We have a strong track record of customer satisfaction by working with the best professionals in the business to be able to provide personalised, high standard service.

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Some Tips For Your Aircon-:

Aircon Repair Singapore

Below are some common aircon problems and you can leave it to us.

A standout amongst the most widely recognized air conditioner issues is shameful operation. In the event that the air molding is on, make sure to close the windows and entryways. You need to confine the room however much as could reasonably be expected from whatever is left of your home keeping in mind the end goal to cool the room quicker with least vitality utilization. Basic issues with existing air conditioners result from defective establishment, poor administration methodology, and deficient support. With our experiences aircon technicians, our aircon repair experts will solve all these issues in no time.

5 tell-tale signs your aircon needs servicing | Aircon Servicing Singapore

When was the last time you had your air conditioner serviced? Chances are, it has been a while. We at GradeCool totally understand by the way. We Singaporeans tend to neglect our electrical appliances until they become a huge inconvenience. For example, during a recent heatwave, we’ve had many callers ringing in saying that their air conditioner has broken down at the most inopportune moment. And that’s just it, isn’t it? We never truly know how important our air-conditioners are until a crisis occurs. And that’s why we at *company name* are here! To raise awareness and help you understand your air conditioner a little better. Take it from us, we are the aircon servicing Singapore company you can trust!

Here are 5 signs that your aircon is in need of servicing.

1)Your aircon is making a funny noise.

If you notice high-pitched, whistling sounds or gurgling noises coming from your aircon unit, it could indicate that there is a leak in one of the pipes or seals. The noise will get louder as the temperature increases and the compressor starts working harder to cool the house down.

Our recommendation is to simply call and schedule an appointment for us at GradeCool to come down and take a look. We will have plenty of experienced aircon servicing Singapore agents who will first address your aircon noise problem, and follow up with an overall comprehensive checkup. Don’t ignore unusual sounds as they could worsen, resulting in more costly repairs.

2) Your aircon is not cooling well enough

Are you having trouble with your air conditioner? Do you feel like it’s not cooling your home like it used to? It may be time for an aircon servicing Singapore technician to take a look at your system. If your home feels warm despite having turned up all of the cooling settings, then it’s likely that there’s something wrong with either the refrigerant charge or its compressors – both of which can be serviced by our technicians. We’ll be able to diagnose and fix any problems you’re having with your aircon in no time at all, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

3) Your aircon is leaking water

If your aircon is leaking just a little bit of water, it could just be water from condensation. However, if your aircon starts leaking water enough to form a puddle on your floor, then it could a problem. If there is a lot of ‘water’ being leaked, it could be:

  • Ice forming on your aircon because of low refrigerant, or a refrigerant leak. This could damage your aircon unit.
  • Harmful refrigerant coolant that is toxic when it is turned into gas and breathed in.

We do not encourage you to make hasty judgements or prolong the leaky situation. Call GradeCool and leave it up to an aircon servicing Singapore technician to assess the situation and make the necessary repairs.

4) Your aircon smells really bad
If your aircon smells bad, you’re most likely dealing with an extremely dirty and clogged-up air conditioner. The filter system is not draining properly so all the dirt and debris start to gather and smell. Your ducts and pipes might need to be cleaned or replaced.

Leaks and warm air are problems you can ignore for a long time, but bad smells in the home are super problematic. One way you can help avoid this problem is by having an aircon servicing Singapore technician perform routine maintenance. This can help prevent problems like this early before they can cause a stink.

5) The fan outside is malfunctioning

If you’re having trouble with your aircon, take a look outside at your outdoor central air unit. Is there anything obstructing it? Can you hear the fan whirring? Your aircon problems could all stem from a simple malfunctioning fan.
The fan in your outdoor central air unit transfers from the room outside the home. However, if that fan isn’t doing its job then the aircon compressor could overheat and cause damage to the equipment.

If you find any issues or require a second opinion, contact us at 6747-9707 so we can send an aircon servicing Singapore technician to check things out and ensure everything is working well again.


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