What Does an Aircon Servicing Include?

What Does an Aircon Servicing Include?

An aircon servicing usually includes general cleaning and check of your air conditioning unit. 

The technician will inspect the unit for any damage or problems, and then they’ll clean it all up. It’s a simple process, but keeping your aircon running smoothly is important.

Aircon Servicing

An aircon servicing includes a comprehensive check of your system. The engineer will inspect the filters and look for any signs of dirt or dust. If the filters are dirty, they’ll be replaced.

The engineer will then check the compressor, looking for any leaks or damage. They’ll also test the refrigerant levels and oiling of the compressor. They’ll let you know if anything needs to be repaired or replaced.

The engineer will also clean the condenser and evaporator coils and check the wiring and electrical connections. They’ll lubricate all the moving parts and tighten any screws or bolts that need it.

Finally, they’ll test the system to ensure it’s working correctly. If everything looks good, they’ll give you a certificate of compliance as proof that your aircon has been serviced.

Check-up on parts

As part of our aircon servicing, we’ll check the compressor, evaporator, and electrical parts to ensure they’re all in good condition. We’ll let you know if we find any problems and recommend the appropriate repairs.

We’ll also clean the aircon unit and replace the filters, so your aircon will run like new. And to top it all off, we’ll give you a full report on our findings, so you’ll have a complete picture of your aircon’s health.


When you book an aircon servicing, one of the things that the technician will do is clean the filters and fins. This is an important part of maintaining your aircon because it helps to keep the unit running efficiently.

The filters need to be cleaned regularly, and the fins should be straightened every few months. This will help to ensure that your aircon is performing at its best and that you’re getting the most out of your investment.


While air conditioning cleaning is essential to maintain the unit operational, further checks are required to guarantee that the machine is in proper working order. Professional air conditioning service technicians have a sharp eye and may discover problems just by looking.

Air conditioners function by circulating refrigerant gas through pipes and coils. Adequate pressure is required for the unit to work properly. If the refrigerant pressure drops during servicing, you may need to have your system “recharged.” Pumping refrigerant into the system until the desired pressure is achieved.

Leaks – The condenser coil, compressor, pipe, and evaporator are all closed systems containing pressurized refrigerant. Even a little leak might allow refrigerant to escape. The specialists inspect this closed-loop system for leakage.


An aircon servicing includes a full cleaning and check of your air conditioning unit. The technician will check all the parts of the unit and make sure they are functioning properly. They will also clean the unit and remove any debris or dirt that has built up.

If you’re due for an aircon servicing, don’t put it off – book in with a technician today. It’s important to keep your air conditioning unit in good condition, and servicing can help ensure it runs smoothly throughout the summer.

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