Essential Tasks that Aircon Servicing Technicians Do

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Essential Tasks that Aircon Servicing Technicians Do

A lot of times, air conditioning problems arise at the most unexpected instances. In line with this, it’s always tempting to do DIY fixes, especially if you’re looking to save some cash. But beware! There are certain risks that may emerge if you go this route and in the end, you may spend more instead of the other way around. 

Therefore, if your aircon suddenly stops working as it should be, make sure to call the right person to do the job i.e. aircon servicing technician. Bear in mind that the said professional doesn’t just address repairs, there are other tasks that he/she is well versed of.  Here is a detailed explanation of the said professional’s expertise and how they can be beneficial.


While aircon installation seems to be a walk in the park, it should be noted that it requires a specific skill set to ensure that it’s installed properly and approved by Singapore guidelines and based on the specifications that are provided by an architect. This is where the services of a professional aircon servicing technician comes in. Also, prior to installation, he/she utilizes the specifications as well as calculations that are given by an architect.

Furthermore, once your aircon unit is installed, your aircon servicing technician is going to test the system (piping, connections, etc). This, to give assurance that your aircon system is going to perform at an optimum level.


In certain instances, an aircon servicing technician may complete the assembly together with the installation of the ductwork or the system that pretty much distributes heat or coolness. This may include cutting metal sheets (to form the ducts), then attach them to the unit; afterwards, they are going to be mounted to the ductwork of a particular structure (house, office space, etc). 


To ensure that proper cooling, ventilation, and efficiency are achieved each time your aircon is used, it’s best to perform regular professional maintenance. Twice a year is ideal and it should include the following: checking coolant level, testing thermostat, cleaning the blower, and so forth. 

In line with this, it should be noted that aircon maintenance is essential since in certain cases, indoor air can be approximately 2 to 5 times dirtier and more polluted than outdoor air. For this reason, you should make it a point to perform the said task in a timely manner.

Summing up

After reading this piece, it’s quite obvious that hiring an aircon servicing technician is the way to go, if you want to get value for money, increased savings, and so much more. However, before doing so, it’s best to do your homework by means of doing ample research and comparing the available options out on the market. This may be a bit time consuming, but you can rest assured that you can get your money’s worth and therefore the level of service that you won’t regret.

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