Aircon Not Working? Make Sure Your Filter is in Tip Top Condition

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Aircon Not Working? Make Sure Your Filter is in Tip Top Condition

Aircon not working? Have you checked your air filter? This is the common phrase that legit air condition repair companies ask their customers. Why? You ask. That’s because in the vast majority of cases that they encounter, dirty and/or clogged filters are some of the most prevalent causes of busted air conditioners. 

On the one hand, this is a bit unfortunate because dirty and/or clogged filters are relatively easy to prevent, and a lot of times, it’s a do-it-yourself task. On the other hand, if you’re a “busy bee” who’s always on the go, then hiring professionals to perform air condition repair is the way to go. 

Despite the convenience of the latter, it’s still best to realize how inconvenient a poorly maintained air filter can be. Need help here? Read on.

Your aircon will breakdown

If you have a clogged and/or dirty air filter, chances are, your aircon is not going to work properly. This is because the amount of strain is going to be too much for your unit’s motors and other components. That being said, aircon not working is going to be a common occurrence in your home.


Your clogged and/or dirty air filter can (sort of) suffocate your system and can result in inconvenience due to the fact that it can produce less air. This happens because dirt as well as dust can restrict the air that your aircon unit needs to intake. In the process, it can reduce the amount of cool air that circulates in your home. 

In worse case scenarios, all these may contribute to your aircon’s cold refrigerant coils to freeze up. Restricting airflow further and damaging your unit further. 

Inappropriately high electricity bills

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, your clogged and/or dirty air filter can put a strain in your aircon and in line with this, it may lead to inappropriately high electricity bills. This is because it works harder to produce cool air. 

Unhealthy indoor air

Aside from your aircon not working, your clogged and/or dirty air filter may be bad for your health and that of your loved ones. This is because it may allow dust, debris, and pollen, among others to catch into your air ducts. After some time, the mentioned elements may be pushed directly to your home. This may spell trouble to you or loved ones if you or they have asthma, allergies, and other similar conditions. 

Summing up

All in all, aircon not working issues can be easily prevented with DIY tasks such regular cleaning. However, if time is of the essence, it’s best to hire a tried and tested company to do the job for you.

Yes, it may prompt you to spend a little, but considering the electricity bills that you can save, convenience, and health benefits that you can enjoy, along the way, it’s safe to say that you actually save a substantial amount and more.

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