Routine Maintenance and Servicing for a Dependable and Economic Aircon

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Routine Maintenance and Servicing for a Dependable and Economic Aircon

Want to make sure that your aircon unit remains dependable and performs economically for many years to come? As complicated as it may seem, it should be noted that they can be achieved with routine maintenance as well as aircon servicing

If you’re not a DIY person and don’t know where to begin, then you came to the right place since the information in this page can guide you through to the three most important ones. You only need the right attitude and a careful approach and an aircon unit that can complement your needs and preference is well within reach.

Clean the interior and exterior

Make it a point to thoroughly clean your aircon unit, weekly or biweekly. In the process, carefully remove items from the interior and clean the electronic parts with a soft brush and non-electronic ones with warm water or mild solution. Perform the latter on your aircon’s exteriors as well; in the process, if you need to remove grime, grease, and other stains, you can use baking soda, paste, and other degreasing agents. 

Keep the condenser coil tidy

Do you know that some of the common causes of aircon service repair in Singapore are condenser coil issues? This is the reason why many manufacturers recommend cleaning the said coil at least quarterly. This should be a breeze since; in general, a majority of units out there contain clear instructions on how you should clean it. 

Also, make sure to perform this regularly since failure to do so may prompt the blower temperature to inappropriately rise, which in turn, may cause other components to become busted. This is a must if your unit is located in a kitchen and near griddles and/or fryers. 

Check the air filters

Your air filter is another component that you shouldn’t neglect, especially if your aircon unit is placed within close proximity to griddles and/or fryer and you want to avoid unnecessary professional aircon servicing.

Take note that dust, debris, and other tiny particles may accumulate in the filter and therefore prevent the necessary air from properly ventilating. 

Putting the said factors into consideration, it’s best to remove the mentioned tiny particles with a regular vacuum cleaner. However, if you feel that they are extremely difficult to remove, it’s best to use a degreasing solution, but make sure to check your unit manual for tips and pointers regarding this matter. 

Also, if you notice splits from the debris, it’s probably about time to contact a tried and tested aircon servicing company that can immediately replace your filter. Otherwise, you may encounter more serious issues that may burn a hole in your pocket to get them fixed. 

Summing up

There you have it, three of the most important precautionary aircon servicing measures that you need to perform if you want to prevent unnecessary repair expenses. In line with this, by employing them, you can be rest assured that you can enjoy an aircon unit that appropriately meets your needs, preferences, and the like.

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